International Thespian Society -

Ridge High School Troupe 7742


  • ITS honor society membership enhances college and employment applications. Recognition from an international honor society provides stature in the eyes of your school, community, and colleges.

  • Opportunities to showcase your theatrical achievements by gaining additional Honor rankings through the ITS point system (see below for details).

  • Invitations to perform and compete at state and national festivals.

  • Assessment and recognition of your skills based on national standards.

  • Training by state and national theatre arts educators and working professionals at ITS festivals.

  • Opportunities to audition or apply for national awards and scholarships.

  • Local, state, and national student leadership opportunities that provide forums to learn and put your leadership skills to work.



  1. Perform quality work in the theatre amounting to at least 10 points (at least 5 of them in a Ridge Drama Club production).​​

  2. Fill out your ITS Point Record using the Point Values information.

  3. Print & get your Points Record initialed by Mrs. Harvey. 

  4. Attach a post-it note to the Point Record with your birthday on it before handing it in! . 

  5. Drop your Point Record in Mrs. Harvey's mailbox (main office OR outside her office) WITH...

    1. $50 CHECK made out to "Ridge Student Activities"

    2. attached post-it note with your birthday on it (this information is required to log you into the system)




To remain in ‘Good Standing,’ Troupe 7742 members must…

  • Remain an active Ridge Drama Club member

  • Compete at the New Jersey Thespian Festival (December 7-8) with Troupe 7742

  • Complete 5 hours of additional service to the Drama Club and/or community theater

  • Complete one service project led and put on by the ITS Members of Troupe 7742 (ie: Character Brunch, Theater at the Library, Holiday concerts and stories, etc.)


  • Coming soon!


ITS members may continue to earn ITS points beyond induction to achieve progressively higher honors. Please note that one Thespian point represents approximately ten hours of quality work​.

  • 10pts - Induction.

  • 60pts - Honor Thespian rank: for outstanding contributions to the ideals of the Society and meritorious work in the field of theatre.

  • 120pts - National Honor Thespian rank: for exceptional commitment to the ideals of the Society and distinguished work in the field of theatre.

  • 180pts - International Honor Thespian rank: for extraordinary dedication to the ideals of the Society and exemplary work in the field of theatre.

Click HERE for a printable ITS Point Chart to join ITS or update your points as a current member!

Click HERE to find out how Troupe 7742 members can earn more ITS Points through

Ridge Drama Club, Choral performance, Forensics, leadership positions and more!


Email for questions about your point records, more information or to sign up for any of these opportunities!

Ridge Drama Club

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